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We now have a facebook page which is regularly updated to give you the latest news about the surgery and the NHS.

To follow the group, search @eastleakemedicalgroup in Facebook and like the page or click the facebook link in this section to take you straight there.

The comments on our Facebook group have been limited to avoid "trolling" and to help keep confidentiality of those commenting.

If you have any feedback about the surgery, head over to our online forms section, where you will find a feedback form. Alternatively, speak to one of our reception team or visit the surgery to complete a feedback slip in person.




We are on Twitter to share the latest updates about the surgery, NHS and relevant information for our patients!

If you would like to find us on Twitter, you can either click on the twitter feed here or search our twitter handle: 




Please be advised that we do not recommend sharing any of your medical details or personal information online. The Twitter feed is intended as a secondary way of bringing helpful news and information about the Village Health Group to our patients, should you need to discuss any medical matters we advise you to either book an appointment using the online services (SystmOnline) or speak to reception.



All aerial drone photos of East Leake 2020 courtesy of Calum Waggett.